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16 Guaranteed Ways to Be Happier – In Only 5 Minutes a Day

“Happiness must be, for most men and women, an achievement rather than a gift of the gods.” – Henry David Thoreau

Happiness does not come to those who sit around and wait for it. Happiness comes to those who really want it, those who look for it.

5 minutes a day is ALL you need. Life moves pretty fast and most of us let it slip by, minute by minute. Instead of wasting those in-between moments, take them and do something meaningful with them – To be happier!

Here are 16 Ways to Be Happier in Life– In 5 Minutes a day

1. Give someone you love a long hug. Is your spouse at home? Are your kids playing in the next room? A 20 second hug is proven to raise your oxytocin levels (The “happy” hormone). The bonus – You will make them so much happier too!

2. Meditate – simply sit in a quiet and comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Whenever your mind wanders, just come back to your breath without judgment. You won’t believe how much energy and joy this simple 5 minute break can give you.

3. Practice laughing. Most of us don’t even notice that we haven’t had a decent laugh in months. Grab the first person you see around the house and play the staring game (you know…you stare at each other’s eyes and the first one that starts laughing “looses”).

4. Spend 5 minutes with your kids – Talk to them about anything, draw a colorful picture, kiss and hug them (If they still let you…), read a short story to them, play a board game, tell them a story about your childhood, play hide and seek. Forget about anything else. In these 5 minutes only you and your kids exist, nothing else matters.

5. Spend 5 minutes talking to your spouse. If he’s home, great. If he is at work, call him up. Send him a text message saying how much you appreciate him or her. Make a small and loving gesture. I guarantee that the love will come back to you.

6. Go outside and enjoy the sun. Go the greenest place near your house. Look at the flowers and the trees, smell them. Look at the sky. Turn off your phone and enjoy nature.

7. Engage in a 5 minute workout. Do a 5 minute abs exercises session. Or better – Ride your bike for 5 minutes. Take a walk, hula-hoop, dance around the house, or go for a 5 minute run outside. Get your heart pumping and the blood running in your veins, reminding you that you are alive! (This is probably the most popular home exercise DVD)

8. Call a friend – Take 5 minutes to call one of your friends. Visit a friend or a neighbor for a quick cup of coffee and a good chat. Talking to someone who’s kind and caring actually activates the calming parasympathetic nervous system

9. Listen to uplifting music. Research found that listening to music lowered blood pressure, heart rate and levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Plus it’s so much fun! Sing out loud, dance to the music until you’re breathless.

10. Look at your family album.

11. Water your plants, pet and play with your dog.

12. Make plans. We tend to more happy when we have something to look forward to. Plan and schedule a casual meeting with your best friends, plan a day of fun with your kids, schedule a massage session at your local spa. Have something great to look forward to.

13. Make a list of your good traits – Self confidence and loving yourself is one of the keys to happiness. Make a list of all the things that you like about yourself. Don’t stop until you write at least 30 things. People always tell you to ‘stick to your strengths’, and it’s actually pretty good advice. The more you work your strengths into your daily routine, the happier you will get.

14. Write in your journal – Take 5 minutes to write in your journal. Even a few sentences are enough. If you are trying to recover from a painful trauma, writing can heal you (This book is all about how to do that)

15. Random act of kindness – Nothing will make you happier than knowing you have helped someone else. Even a stranger. This is backed up by science as you probably know. Take 5 minutes to help someone, with anything.

16. Enjoy where you are. You will never be in that exact moment again.

Are you going to make a decision to be happier? What are YOU going to do in your first 5 minute happy-break?

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