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How to Get a FULL Lymphatic System Cleanse in 2 Minutes a Day

With our world becoming silently yet increasingly toxic every year, the importance of body detoxification (especially lymphatic system cleanse) and immune-system strengthening becomes critical for cancer prevention and keeping healthy.

The lymphatic system is our first line of defense against pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and industrial chemicals. An efficient lymphatic system is able to carry waste and toxins away from the cells and blood and out of the body.

The efficiency of the lymphatic system depends on movement and the amount of toxins it has to “deal with”. Lack of exercise and huge amounts of toxins makes a less-than-optimal system and may make you susceptible to serious diseases.

Full Lymphatic System Cleanse in 2 Minutes a Day

The most efficient and forceful method of cleansing the lymphatic system, while boosting the immune system at the same time – Is rebounding exercise.

Rebounding is simply bouncing or jumping on a mini trampoline, but there’s much more to this fun exercise than you may think. NASA has stated just a few years ago that “Rebounding exercise is the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”.

During rebound exercise, you accelerate and decelerate up and down, in the same direction of gravity. Your body responds to all 3 forces, which results in a gentle squeezing of all your cells at the bottom of each bounce. It’s like resistance training for the cells.

Just 2 minutes of light bouncing is enough to flush ALL toxins and waste products out of your body. So using your rebounder will not only get you or keep you in shape, it will also keep you vibrant and healthy! (Source:

Therapeutic Lymphatic System Cleanse

Keep in mind that to get the best results you will have to do a few more 2-minute sessions throughout your day, but the results for your overall health are well worth it.

Repeated short sessions sustain an active immune system, oxygenate and strengthen cells, and continuously cleanse the lymph. Therapeutic rebounding has been shown to reduce cancerous tumors and improve or heal a host of other ailments. (Source:

How to Start Rebounding

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